Joseph M. Carney || 515-250-5627

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Iowa State University

3D and Technical Artist

Animation || Rigging || Modeling || Team Management || C# || Mel

- Work History -

Idol Minds : Lead 3D Artist : February 2015 - January 2016 : Broomfield, CO

  • Created high poly buildings and environments to be rendered as sprites and displayed in a 2D game.
  • Oversaw direction and creation of Match-3 style puzzle VFX. Wrote a custom system to easily utilize a texture atlas in particle systems.
  • Assisted in the implementation of a custom animation system.
  • Created smooth, energetic building animations.
  • Wrote several time saving pipeline tools.

SkyVu Entertainment : Lead Artist : November 2012 - July 2014: Omaha, NE

  • Led a team of 6 artists during the production of Battle Bears Ultimate. Organized assets, conducted team meetings and collaborated with the project manager.
  • Improved character animation system which allowed for greater creative freedom such as swapping ammo clips and free-floating weapons.
  • Led the creation and optimization of effects using Unity’s Shuriken particle system, reducing draw calls and texture memory.
  • Prototyped and implemented new tools streamlining the integration of art assets into the Unity engine using elements of C# and Mel.
  • Organized the production of the release trailer for Battle Bears Gold, generating over 970,000 views.
  • Led the research of a 3D pipeline involving animation retargeting, animation sharing, and shared rigs.
  • Designed a custom importer to automate the creation of animation events using a combination of MEL, meta data, JSON, and C#.

Rocky Creations LLC : Sole Proprietor : May 2010 - Present : Des Moines, IA

  • Designed and built 3 educational games for, using 2D animation and ActionScript 3.0.
  • Technical implementation of 33 unique death sequences for MegaWorld Studios.
  • Modeled and textured 25 industrial props for the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Grasshorse Technologies : Artist: June 2008 - May 2009, July 2011 : Winfield, IA

  • Animation and compositing work for film and television projects.
  • Technical and artistic expertise made me a critical member during stop-motion animation R&D.
  • Responsible for character animation, scene setup, rendering and compositing work for 30 second television broadcast commercial.

- Projects -

Battle Bears Royale/Battle Bears Gold : IOS, Android and Windows 8 : SkyVu Entertainment

  • 3rd person multiplayer shooter.
  • Modeling, rigging and animation of characters and weapons in Maya.
  • Sole effects artist in charge of creating muzzle flashes, projectiles and explosions.
  • Organized the production of the release trailer for Battle Bears Gold, generating over 970,000 views.

Battle Bears Ultimate : IOS and Android : SkyVu Entertainment

  • 1st person multiplayer shooter.
  • Managed 6 artists, ensuring that assets stayed on style and were of the best quality possible.
  • Modeling, rigging and animation of characters and weapons in Maya.

OmegaTech : IOS and Android : MegaWorld Studios

  • Expanded upon existing code base designed to lay the foundation of VFX and animation timing.
  • Wrote companion scripts to achieve the desired mech death effects. Effects such as dissolving, getting sucked into a singularity, and freezing over.
  • Composed an editor script to easily transfer components from one prefab to another, while maintaining and assigning the correct references.
  • Optimized over 50 effects into 2 atlas sheets, resulting in an average of 6 draw calls per death sequence.

Commander Keen 2.5D : Unity Webplayer : Personal Project

  • Remake of classic DOS game.
  • Reimagined original 2D levels into sprawling, deep 3D environments.
  • Models, rigs and animations created in Blender. Implemented advanced movement animations such as sliding and fall recovery.

Mathnook Educational Games : Flash : Math Nook